Does anyone else not believe any of the its impossible b.s
Does anyone else not believe any of the its impossible b.s Dec 17

Does anyone else not believe any of the its impossible b.s

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You can head to achievements in game and there will be a"link account" tab that rewards 25 gems. If you do not already have an EA account you will need to make one. Under preferences in game the first option is connection accounts. No answer on any league queries concerns me that they won't be in the game in any way. If so I think you will lose a lot of players. Why is it that you think removing leagues would cause a lot of people to quit? I can not speak for anyone else, but I'm really just in a league since there's 3 daily aims attached to leagues. There's not a great deal of conversation that happens. I do my three drives each day and that is about it for my own interaction.

Because about 100% of competitive players just stay in mm for leagues. They've mentioned leagues are still going to be a thing, but appears you'll have to recreate your leagues. I'm not attempting to argue, but why? You're comment does not really explain anything. Why do they remain only for the leagues? What's there game-wise that may only be earned through them? The chat could be completed in the forums. Competing in lvl matches and chatting with guys you have known for years is a lot of fun, it is certainly the most important reason I play the game. Many top leagues talk in a separate program like discord or telegram. I get that. But would you quit playing the game completely if they had removed championships? You mentioned the very best leagues are already using another program to chat and there is lvl already outside of leagues.

There are competitive manners out of theatres, but it is always 1 . Leagues are the only place you compete with other individuals. League remains basically 1 , it's just 1 set versus another group. It is not like you're actually playing together. I am not trying to bash leagues, I'll be linking one in the brand new game too. I am just trying to work out what there is that could cause a mass departure of player by removing leagues in the sport. There are similarities between arena and lvl, but as someone who has been playing at precisely the exact same league because MM17, there is something about it that makes it more intriguing and rewarding. It is not always that removing it would cause a mass exit, but of the ones who do depart, many are some of the best players in the best leagues, that are likewise some of the biggest spenders.

EA can't do this. Does anyone else not believe any of the its impossible b.s.? Anything is possible when they wanted to allow it to happen it would. It could be hard, expensive and require additional funds, but being lied to this all sorts of facets can not be carried over because its"impossible" sounds like EA will launch a shit game that they ran out of time to prepare correctly. It's not possible. Everything is technically possible but it would be pointless. Sure it's likely to get back together with your ex but likely better if you just move on.

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