Dreams really do come true in NBA 2K22
Dreams really do come true in NBA 2K22 Nov 10

Dreams really do come true in NBA 2K22

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Vince Carter is a top ten player. While his spin-machine movements may appear like he's just performing (and they often were) this technique made sure that the ball was out of the hands of taller players. This is a great technique for hitting players taller than MyPlayer.

There are two main motives to make use of Draymond Green's Dunks. Draymond's dunks offer two primary reasons. The first is their durability. Even a block that is placed correctly will not be able to shake the ball. Another reason is that the package contains standing, driving and contact dunks. Players do not have to be limited to a handful of animations. They will get a collection of jams.

The whole package is focused on the style. Let's admit it, this is Michael Jordan. The package has a great array of cradles and leaners that make the crowd sing. The best part is that the package comes with the dunk he is famous for. Yes, THAT signature dunk. The one featured on all logos with the legs spread open and the arms straight up. It feels amazing to achieve this in the video game.

Imagine that you could dunk like LeBron James or Michael Jordan. Dreams really do come true in NBA 2K22. LeBron's trademark set of tomahawk Slams are displayed to the fullest. Beyond the power and sheer violence of the dunk, these are actually extremely intelligent dunks for those athletic enough to make use of them. Blockers below the rim cannot reach the ball if they keep the ball in their body.

Even the best Dunk programs can slow in the event that they reach the rim. But Russell Westbrook's shots are more powerful. Dunks that he makes seem to increase speed as MyPlayer rushes towards the hoop. This eliminates any possibility of stopping in time. There are some amazing back-scratchers and tomahawks in this, also, which enhance the package's ball security.

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