RuneScape - You can find wire by searching the shelves
RuneScape - You can find wire by searching the shelves Nov 21

RuneScape - You can find wire by searching the shelves

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Mission 5 Stakeout. Sir Tiffy had an unreliable information that someone was taking a piece of mahogany that was imported from the Karamjan ship. The thief will then transfer to the ship, where you will be able to capture the culprit.

You can find wire by searching the shelves. To locate a hammer and some bronze nails, search the tool pile. They, along with an empty container could be used to make the tripwire trap. To complete the mission it is necessary to stand completely still, for two minutes. The thief will be captured and your mission is completed.

The miniquest is complete when you've completed three of them. I will soon be able complete the quest. Here are the requirements. Coup de Slug. Kennith's Concerns, Rum Deal, All Fired Up. 46 Slayer, 51 Agility 31 Herblore 49 Fishing 56 The Firemaker.

For your first step, talk with Tiffy Cashien about the Temple Knight base, and he will take you there. You can either start the miniquest, or leave it. There is a choice. Contact Callon, the Temple Knight Commander Callon. Callon will notify you of an investigation into the actions of the Mallum Mother. Mallum and will request you to investigate any new leads you may have discovered.

You're a very attentive person Do you know if you discovered any leads that are new? Yes, actually I don't think you know anything about Kennith? What is his name? He is a child from Witchaven. We'll now discuss what transpired during Kennith's Concerns. I will immediately call for an investigation. You are a Proselyte and the most close person to the situation, therefore I'll charge you. I had another mission though. I'd like to have you bring an actual sea slug.

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