The person is turned into RuneScape
The person is turned into RuneScape Mar 09

The person is turned into RuneScape

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TALK TO CLUES ( for many queries see below) Talk to the pirate who is looknig for his treasure answer him a query. Talk to the barbarian conducting the S.O.S and answer her a query. Talk to the best chef at the lands and reply him a question. Speak to someone who has a bell and describes me about Player Mods Answer him a query. Talk to someone who possesses the general store answer him/her a question. Speak to the rune store seller in varrock and answer him a query. Speak to the master of woodcutting Answer him a question. Talk to the magician using the strange brown armour response him a question.

The queries will be the queries from the doors at the S.O.S.. After done answering all the questions you'll find a scroll, bring this scroll to the cradle of existence from the S.O.S.. You'll receive your rewards. Coupons can be exchanged at no cost Haircuts, clothes varies. Big 1 hands - Smack head. Dunce cap - Idea. These, when used unlock an emote. Heres my little idea, the bear head ought to enchance the angry emote.

Well yes, a new animation could be helpful, but arrows through the torso, limbs falling off, this is Runescape, not a horror film or a DOOM sequel.I'm sure plenty of us would love to see a different death animation per way the person is murdered, but it can be done without violence and gore. By way of instance, how's this for a few.

Mage passing:The person is turned into a heap of black ashes on the floor, like they were transformed from the spell Ancient mage passing:The person is encased in ice, in a situation as though they were going to strike or reach for assistance, and then are shipped to lumbridge, plus they unfreeze as soon as they arrive.

Range death:The person falls toward the archer who downed himand then fades, as though he was reaching for assistance, but no gore,blood, or stuck arrows. Melee passing:The person falls and dies via the present death animation. Exception-Stab:The person falls on their behind as if in a dramatic play, then vanishes to lumbridge. Some are better than others, however, I never said I was a professional, keep this in mind, thanks.

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