Go to Seers Vilage and to RuneScape
Go to Seers Vilage and to RuneScape Mar 23

Go to Seers Vilage and to RuneScape

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Soooo, under the current system, many deals that we discover about the forums and accept there scarcely ever take place due to conflicting times and these. How often has this happened to youpersonally? How it'd work is similar to this. Say I want to buy 1k deaths from'imnotanoob32' to get 300k. I would add'imnotanoob32' to my friendlist. Then I'd put 300k in my commerce mailbox, and insert'imnotanoob32' to my trade box (explained later). I'd also put what I wanted (1k deaths) into his box.

When imnotanoob32 logs on later, he adds me (wiltingplant) into his friendlist. Then he puts 1k deaths into his commerce mailbox and adds me to his commerce box. He puts what he wanted (300k) within my box. He sees that we both have exactly what we asked for, and also the trade is completed without ever meeting the other player.

When I log in , I get a notification that my commerce using imnotanoob32 was accepted, and proceed to use those 1k deaths to pwn.Go to the the Thunder Dungeon. Utilize the buckets together with the entry and it'll open up. A cutscene plays: A large lightning bolt comes out of the dungeon, dealing 20 damage. A massive Killerwatt comes out and and dissapates. Should you still have the Commorb in the Wanted! Quest, use it and you'll be able to tell in which the Killerwatt went. If not, speak to Tiffy to get another.

Go to Seers Vilage and to the Elemental Dungeon. The Commorb will turn into a Commord (thu). Use this on a water elemental, and it'll become a Commorb (wat), which you use on a fire extinguisher. Utilize the Commorb (earth) on an air elemental, then the Commorb (air) in a ground elemental.

Eventually, go to the middle of the dungeon and the killerwatt will look, and you have to conquer it; it is lvl 100 and utilizes mage. This one requires 1 slayer. Once you defeat it, it is going to dissappear and Ajiat will appear. He will tell you that you have to defeat the Killerwatt, as if you do not, it will destroy the Warriors Guild. He'll let you go to Aubury in Varrock.

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