Speak with Commander Veldaban on ways to start to RuneScape
Speak with Commander Veldaban on ways to start to RuneScape Mar 31

Speak with Commander Veldaban on ways to start to RuneScape

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Here is the thought: My thought for the new emote(s) could be: Theif throws a smoke bomb, covering his entire body for approximately two seconds. Then the smoke bomb pops up with a consequence, and the theif is visible again. A treasure chest appears in front of this theif, who opens it and gets a burst of green posion to his face, which makes them stumble back. A cage falls on the theif, who then lockpicks his way out.

What do you think? For the firemaking emote. The first time I watched this emote (seriously) I thaught someone was kidding and doing the Slap Head emote. Not only is it barely noticeable, the emote itself is quite choppy looking, along with your personality barely even moves while he is doing it. I really don't have alot of thoughts, but I suppose I could discuss one I have: A big pile of clips (About as tall as your character) pops up infront of your character, who lighting it on fire, and then watches a cloud of smoke rise up from it.

And have the ability to conquer a level 250 foe who is resistant to magic, and prayer only works 1/5th of the time against them. Prologue: Keldagrim is now full of mass hysteria, rats are pouring into the city, store owners are calling every other thieves, the Consortium Companies are accusing each other of stealing their customers, Riney's Keldahops won't grow, all of the Dwarves that love to drink would be hungover! Could you solve this dilemna?

Quest Starting Point: Upon entry of Keldagrim from the Ferry Boat after you have finished the required quest. While on the boat, you will understand a cut-scene revealing the hysteria of this city, and also the words: Chapter 3: Dwarven Anarchy will be drawn across the display in RED. Speak with Commander Veldaban on ways to start to help end the chaos of town. Commander Veldaban will inform you to speak with Rind, the Gardener and find out why his Keldahops will not grow.

Talk with Rind, The Gardener who will tell you that he does not understand why, but he is running from seeds along with the diseased jumps will not be cured using normal plant treatment. Rind will tell you that the drunken dwarves normally have concealed Keldahop seeds, and they may help, he also wants you to send a letter to Martin, the Master Gardener. Head over to Draynor and talk with Martin, The Master Gardener who'll tell you to return afterwards and he will have a reply.

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