Do they really love Runescape?
Do they really love Runescape? Aug 05

Do they really love Runescape?

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I used to play Runescape in regular-graphics mode (SD) before switching to high-graphics mode (HD). I switched to HD about April, so I played HD lag-free for some time. Have you ever played HD without lag? I then switched to SD and discovered SD to be completely lag-free. The HD is fantastic, however I would prefer SD for a time to eliminate the lag.

A lot of players came to Runescape to search for Clue Scrolls. They killed and killed in order to collect important rewards. Many players spent hours chasing one another and some were lucky, some did not. They remain exciting and challenging for Runescape Community players to this day. It's a chance-based game, of course - but is making money fast worth the time and effort, when you could use that same time to build a steady income?

One Treasure Trail Guide showed me some extremely scarce and valuable items. Flared Trousers are available at Level 1 and Level 2 includes Ranger Boots and Cloaks. Level 3 contains 3rd Age Trimmed Armour and numerous other items.

But the truth is that the majority of players don't get these items very often. You could search for 3rd Age in hundreds of clues, but you won't be able to get it. This is strange, since individuals could earn the same in just a few hours, and earn 500k an hour. I'm sure I can.

It's so easy. Let's forget about Clue Scrolls and skill when we play Runescape! Err, wait. There's an additional aspect. You can certainly earn a steady paycheck skilling however, you lose something that's key to the equation. It's known as "fun." It's what makes videogames enjoyable. Every day I check my account and watch players playing their favorite 99's, earning money, like I mentioned.

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