Oh, I didn't realize that you were just 22
Oh, I didn't realize that you were just 22 Aug 05

Oh, I didn't realize that you were just 22

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The levelling process is slow. It's true that it was intended to be slow however I don't love it. It's not as smooth as it ought to be for the Hunter class that has a high DPS. I'm lacking mana as well as damage and gold. Due to my limited mana reserve, I am unable to take down every mob. After I've defeated a mob, I have to stop in order to replenish my health and mana. There are only a handful of useful abilities that let me endure and take on with damage. It's likely to be improved in the near future, but I'm beginning to doubt my abilities to stay with Wow long enough.

Oh, I didn't realize that you were just 22. If you are aware of where to look and where to look, the issue of being unable to locate enough quests should not be an issue. The add-on Questie is a product I'm hesitant to recommend. It's not the most enjoyable experience, however it could help you get familiar with the game. If you're not interested in doing that, then you are able to download Questie. It will guide you through many of the quests that are available. But, you might require an online guide to help determine the right level zone.

It's the way it is. It is only possible to pull one or two mobs at a time according to your character. If you don't take care you could be killed. Classic is a game where you can't just crush regular mobs at your level, unless your highest level character is able to funnel resources to an alt.

Questie is available to download. Download WowUp, an addon manager that installs your addons into the correct folder and inform you of updates that are needed.

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