Mmoexp - It was more authentic than other games
Mmoexp - It was more authentic than other games Aug 11

Mmoexp - It was more authentic than other games

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NBA 2K11 marked a turning event for the game. Though none of them received bad reviews however, they did slow down in the 2000s as they ended. This year's entry was a significant change for a couple of reasons. The most thrilling was the addition of the cover athlete Michael Jordan, who hadn't played for many years.

The Jordan Challenge mode received a lot of praises as gamers were given the chance to recreate some of Jordan's most memorable moments. That mode also meant the inclusion of many other teams and players from the past. It's all about the music and other things such as D-League Association mode.

What was the way 2K Sports follow up the excellence of NBA 2K11? They took what was the best and improved it. Magic Johnson and Larry Bird joined Jordan as cover players. This was a fantastic illustration of how the series is focusing on teams from the past and paying tribute to famous athletes of the past.

Many of the reviewers believed it to be the most realistic basketball simulation in the history of basketball because it was more authentic than other games. MyPlayer mode received a major revision, making it among of the most loved options in any sport. Because rookies weren't included in the original rosters due to the NBA lockout this was a welcome addition.

There are more ties since three games were scored with a 90. It was once again the case that the series was successful as NBA 2K13 kept up the momentum from the previous two installments. The focus changed from the past to the future with Blake Griffin, Derrick Rose and Kevin Durant sharing the cover.

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