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For FFXIV players, I'm not trying to hype this up to get karma farm. It's not happening in WoW. Over the years WoW has been in existence, the closest I've seen to this was when I walked around in circles with 20 other players riding on the same mount. Cities are used for selling auctions, waiting for players to join WoW. It's not like anyone talks or presents concerts or gives crafting lessons for new players. It is rare to get a reply when you ask another player about a possible appearance for an item.

My impression is that MMOs are built by their communities. As a result, the community that I've witnessed and participated in FFXIV has plenty of life left to live. 43 levels down and loving every minute of ARR.

P.S to any WoW player who might stumble upon this. It's not easy but it isn't impossible. This "grind", however, can make it seem so much more enjoyable after you've leveled up one character from classic wow/tbc. There's no requirement to spend anything additional to try the game.

Edit: Oh man, I went to sleep and then this all exploded little bit. Warriors of Light, thank you for the many awards and the nice comments. This game has been made possible because of the nice and cool members of the community. It isn't just that we gamers in WoW are frustrated with blizzard. It's because the game has everything we'd expect from a game with only thing missing is a friendly and active community. I'm not able speak to all WoW refugees but a large majority of us really appreciate the veterans who are so friendly and accommodating.

It's the sort of thing that seems like an idiom, yet I've not heard of it before. A lot of Korean idioms refer to food, because Korea has dealt regularly with famines throughout the past. It means 'Don't stress about your problems. Relax and enjoy life'.

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