The talasmin quest was tedious in the hunter part
The talasmin quest was tedious in the hunter part Aug 31

The talasmin quest was tedious in the hunter part

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The talasmin quest was tedious in the hunter part. The maze part of the quest was very easy and fun with the help of the sals guide. Although the steps from the sals quest guides were tedious Peer in the Seer was surprisingly entertaining. I was thrilled to be able to leave his house.

The fight without armour or weapons... It was a eppic fight but it took so long to get the three forms of the deathless guy. I must admit it was worth waiting for all the quest-exclusion items such as the pet rocks. Tell me about your experience.

I'm sure many people have discovered that the candy cane for Christmas is both offensive and defensive. It's not likely to have huge figures given the requirements of the event, but it currently ranks up there in a few aspects of free play items.

Although it is not the greatest, the strength bonus makes it a viable weapon for 1 attack. This also makes it the second-best holiday weapon just behind the scythe. What is the significance of this? Jagex wants to make holiday items that are semi-useful. They've hinted at the idea, saying "To some extent, I think us gamers and developers must accept holiday items won't always be the most used items in games, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they should not be written off as useless." (Dev blog: Holiday Event - Christmas Warble). Are you a fan of this idea or do you want a cool looking thing to wear while playing?

I love this because it provides new players an incentive to complete the holiday events. When I first began running I couldn't find any reason to attend the events in easter. In the end, the ring was pointless and all the good training spots were almost empty. If I knew that they might be a bit useful I would have attended. Looking back, its a shame I didn't as I consider the egg ring one of the best reward.

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